Dr. B. Selvarajan - CopyDr. B. Selvarajan
S.No Title of paper Participated at
1 A study on financial performance of Indian Bank with reference to Non-Performing Assets Economic Challenger (National Journal – ISSN No. 0975 1351)
2 A Study on Management of Non-Performing Assets – Indian scenario
Sankhya International Journal of Management and Technology (ISSN No. 0975 3915)
3 A Study on Management of Non-Performing Assets of Indian Bank with reference to Priority sector advances Al – Barkaat Journal of finance and Management
4 A Study on Liquidity Performance for Indian Bank
Finance India
5 A study on Cost of Non-Performing Assets in Indian bank European Journal of Economics, finance and Administrative sciences
6 Performance Of Indian Bank With Reference To Non-Performing Assets – An Overview International Journal of Research in Commerce and Management
  Mrs.S.AnithaMrs. S. Anitha
S.No Title of paper Participated at
1 “Traditional fishing practices followed by fisher folks of Tamil nadu”.
Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge, Vol 8(4), October 2009, pp 543-547.
2 “An analysis of knowledge and adoption pattern of dry land farmers for sustainable dry farming in Tamil Nadu”. Agricultural Update, Vol 4, Issue 1&2, February to July 2009, pp 181-186
3 “Pesticide use behaviour of rice farmers”. Journal of Extension and Research, Vol XI No.2, January 2009, pp 68-74
4 Research scholar and guide submitted article entitled “A Study On Reward Strategy in IT industry”
In International seminar organized by Jamal Mohammed college,trichy.
5 “Rural development through agriculture Aligarh Muslim University, Uttarpradesh.
6 “Corporate interest in Indian Rural Markets”. Nehru Institute of Management, Coimbatore.
Dr.M.Lakshmi Shree LAKXMI
S.No Title of paper Participated at
1 A study on factors affecting customers investment decision towards life insurance policies

Profoundity Of Small Enterprises. (ISBN- 978-93-81195-40-6)

2 A study on customer preference towards life insurance companies in chennai

 Opportunities and Challenges in Present Global Business Scenario. (ISBN- 978-87-92537-0-2)

3 A study on consumer buying behaviour towards kotak life insurance policies in chennai
Functional Management (Volume No :1, Issue No : 3, ISSN NO: 2319-1406)  


VINOTHMr.K.R.Vinoth Kumar
S.No Title of paper Participated at
1 A study on the impact of Emotional Intelligence of Faculties in Engineering colleges Karpaga vinayaga Engineering college, chennai ISSN:2279-0950
2 Managing change – Inside and outside the organization 

PSNA College of Engineering and Technology

3 Time Study of Installation of Elevators
Kone Elevators, Bangalore
4 Installation of Elevator within 5 days  Kone Elevators, Bangalore
5 Demographic Analysis for Reliance fresh
Bharathiar University, Coimbatore


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